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mercredi 21 février 2007 is talking about lucisphere !

Yes, it's unreal the famous Globalwarming Awareness2007 site is talking about the Lucisphere site in this post !

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mercredi 14 février 2007

A pink rabbit is coming !

I am happy join the lucispere team today ! I would like to thank especially Xav and Toms who made this site and I wish a long live to lucisphere and to my Globalwarming Awareness2007 !

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jeudi 1 février 2007

my globalwarming awareness2007

i am joining all my french friends and french teams into this seo world championship
with this global warming awareness 2007
and helps verdurette with her globalwarming awraeness2007 page.
i am quite disappointed by the fact that Lucie doesn't want to join us.
however, i am sure that Lucie is still behind and support us.


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