Hi all,

I am Tiger and I am a member of Lucisphere Team, we participate in ambatchdotcom seocontest.

The goal is to be in first position on google.com with the keyword ambatchdotcom seocontest.

We like seocontests, we always play with fun attitud, our device is the same as Google : Don't be evil ;)

For this ambatchdotcom seocontest, I decided to create my own webpages but I also decided to join the lucisphere's team to see how we can work together, to see if we are able to join ourself to win ambatchdotcom seocontest, the new 2006 World SEO Championship.

I hope our ambatchdotcom seocontest homepage will be soon in first page on google.

Here are my personals officials entries for ambatchdotcom seocontest :

ambatchdotcom seocontest by Net Developpeur

ambatchdotcom seocontest by Googlepages

Good luck to all dear ambatchdotcom seocontest participants,

Tiger member of Ambatchdotcom Seocontest French Team